Welcome Everyone to our February Newsletter. Many wonderful events happening this month and some fantastic community engagement and support.

Liz Chamas will be speaking at the local Soar Collective Women’s B2B at Margarita Daze next Tuesday.

Keep on going with your incredible journey and goals, whatever that means to you personally and know the whole team at Excelsia are here 100% backing
you and cheering you on the whole entire way.

Stay driven, stay determined and stay on that grind. Most importantly talk to us if you need some advice or help achieving your goals. May February be so full of love, joy and good health.

Excelsia Studios Team xx

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Liz’s Section

Pilates Principals

Like all movement disciplines, in Pilates we have principals of movement.

Joseph Pilates drew from many different sources of inspiration such as martial arts, yoga, dance, as well as his personal research and experience to create
the Pilates principals.

He had 3 main Principals, breath, whole body commitment and whole body health.

Over time the Pilates elders committed to the following 6 Principals in order to preserve and embody Joe’s work. He spoke of them in every time he taught
and wrote about them depth in his books. Different schools of contemporary Pilates have expanded on these ideas but the concepts remain the same.


The March workshop is all about our centre. Finding Your Core! Lets keep with the theme and explore the third Pilates Principal, Centre.

The centre or centering is all about connecting to the powerhouse, or our primary core muscles. Connecting to our centre is the foundation of all Pilates

At the deepest centre of our body is our Spinal Cord. The Spinal Cord is the highway for communication between the body and the brain. When the spinal
cord is injured, the exchange of information between the brain and other parts of the body is disrupted. Maintaining a healthy centre (or core) means having a
strong neurological connection to the rest of our sensors.

A strong centre also enables us to have more power in our limbs and control over all of our movements.

But it’s not just about strengthening your core muscles. It can simultaneously mean centering yourself, finding balance. Finding balance within each movement, within the Pilates session, within the day and so on.

“My strength comes from my abdomen. It’s the centre of gravity and the source of real power.”
Bruce Lee


Central Coast with Liz Chamas

Tuesday 20th February 7-9pm

Margarita Daze, Umina NSW

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Join us for an evening of networking and honest conversation about our business highs and lows. We’ll have guest speakers, the opportunity to meet and mingle with the likeminded passionate and driven women that make up our community, and to make real connections while enjoying some delicious food and a glass of wine – and you’ll walk away with our signature gift bag.

About our guest speaker: Liz Chamas

Liz is an internationally accredited Pilates Teacher and Movement Educator. She is passionate about teaching people to find movement without pain, women’s health and helping people reach their fitness and life goals.

Along with being a Movement Educator Liz has owned, co- founded and managed several businesses, is a mum and a perpetual life balance seeker.

Liz is on a mission to help empower women to feel confident in their skin and find balance between life and work.

About Soar Collective

Our mission is to connect, inspire and support Australia’s businesswomen of calibre, through our online community, authentic regional networking events and our annual conference, SoarCon.


Sunday 11th March 10:30am-12pm

Excelsia Studios Erina

Cost $39 Bookings online

Ever wonder exactly what Pilates teachers are talking about when we say connect to your core? Come and do our workshop and find out exactly what your core means! Everyone knows it’s a really good idea to have a strong one, but why?

Liz will “lift the hood” and explain what muscles are involved, how to find your neutral spine and most importantly how to engage your core properly. After
“lifting the hood” Liz will then take you through a Pilates mat class where you can put into practice everything you have learnt!

This is a fun interactive way to learn more about how amazing your body is and go deeper into your Pilates workouts.

Who can come? Anyone. You might do 4 classes a week or you may have never done a Pilates class before. The workshop is for anyone who wants to know more about connecting to their centre, reduce back pain, increase muscle tone and strength or generally just move better!

Bring a yoga mat and wear comfy clothes you can move in. We do have a limited number of yoga mats available so let us know if you would like us to put
one aside for you.