Back Extension with arms

Back extension with arms

To stabilize the shoulder girdle while in extension….

A hyperextension or back extension is an exercise that works the lower back as well as the mid and upper back, specifically the erector spinae.

Short Spine Variation 2

Short Spine variation

One of my favourite exercises on the reformer is the short spine. An amazing stretch for my low back and hamstrings. It’s a little challenging however afterward I feel ‘unwound’. It’s such a great release for the lower back.

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Short Spine variation

Always one of my favourite exercises on the Reformer…

I love adding the ball for greater stability ????A great stretch for my lower back and hamstrings.

Pelvic Lift with single leg kick

Pelvic Kick with Single Leg Lift

Great exercise to do … Pelvic lift with single leg kick. Hamstring burn! ???????? Repetitive movement, poor posture, and constantly sitting in a sedentary lifestyle force hip flexors into a constantly-shortened position, creating one of many tight hamstring causes.